Private Pilot Course PPL

Do you want to obtain your Private Pilot license? Then, welcome, in this website we will give you all the information you need to certify your PPL license.

With the PPL Private Pilot course, you will be one step away from fulfilling your dream of flying an airplane. If you think about it, this will be the first step for you to be in command of a large aircraft.

Do you dare to take the leap towards the future you desire?

What is the PPL license about and what can you do with it?

Ready4Landing, in addition to the Commercial Pilot Course, offers the Private Pilot Licence or PPL, which is granted to the person who has obtained the rating. With it you can work as Co-Pilot or Pilot in Command, as long as it is not a commercial flight and depending on the rating you want to obtain (single-engine, twin-engine…).

This is currently the most common license in general aviation.

Certainly at the beginning you will not be paid for flying, but it is essential to have the PPL license as a first step to become a Commercial Pilot; a position in which you will have access to an economic benefit.

In our pilot school in Madrid you will learn to fly to get your PPL license aboard the most modern aircraft and in a real environment.

Being a private pilot gives you the necessary expertise to develop in the world of aviation.
The idea is that you will be able to fly in any airport in the world with peace of mind and confidence.

How much does the Private Pilot License cost?

In Ready4Landing we have several programs in different locations, so the price of the private pilot course can vary from 6,500 € to 9,500 €.

If you want to know each one, just contact us by clicking on the following button and our aeronautical consultants will guide you to the one that is most suitable for your case.

6.500€ to 9.500€

What are the requirements to become a Private Pilot PPL?

The best thing about this course is that no previous knowledge is required, but you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age.
  • Have a valid type 2 medical certificate, which is less rigorous than type 1.


This certificate is essential to prove that you have the necessary mental and physical conditions to crew an airplane. And although the European Standard is not very rigid in terms of requirements, it does emphasize that the person is fit to take on this responsibility.

As you can see, the requirements for this career are not excessive. You just need to have courage, willingness and the drive to take on new challenges.

Why become a Private Pilot?

According to the latest data provided by the giant Boeing, the airline industry is expected to grow by more than 70% by 2036. As a result, a large number of expert pilots will be required.

Be part of this rising wave of professionals!

Enroll in our PPL license course and bet on a well-paying job.

PPL Course duration

At Ready4Landing the course lasts between 4 to 6 months. A time that adjusts to your availability and needs.

In general, practical and theoretical hours are managed, where you should reach a total of 45 hours in the air as a guarantee that you have mastered the machine and its piloting functions.

In our school, once you have completed the modules, you can obtain the Single Engine Piston Land or SEPL rating to fly piston or single-engine airplanes.

What areas are taught in the Private Pilot training?

If you have already decided to become a Private Pilot, it is important that you know the areas in which you will be trained.

You will receive theoretical instruction in the following areas:

  • Communication.
  • General knowledge of the aircraft.
  • Aeronautical legislation.
  • Meteorology and navigation.
  • Principles of flight.
  • All operational procedures.

As for the practical component, our aviation school provides you with modern aircraft so that you can complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight.

During this period of time, you will go with the instructor to fly and see first hand the flight procedures.

You will be able to practice landing and take-off maneuvers in normal and adverse conditions, route procedures, as well as asymmetric and simulated flights. All of this under the supervision of experienced personnel.

The idea is that you learn to face different situations in the air so that you can then fly alone, supervised by the instructor from the ground.

We aim that from the beginning of the course you feel able to have control of the plane.

Renew Expired PPL License

Like all licenses, the PPL also has a validity period. And once expired you must proceed to renew it in order to continue flying.

There are different scenarios for this case, depending on the date on which your private pilot license expired; in our school, you can renew your ppl license whatever your case is.

Below we explain the different situations in which we will have to revalidate our license:

  • Current license but about to expire
  • Expired less than 3 months ago
  • Expired more than 3 months ago but less than 12 months ago
  • Expired more than 12 months but less than 3 years ago
  • Expired more than 3 years ago

Contact us to send you specific prices whatever your situation is and we will help you to renew your PPL.

Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Private Pilot

The truth is that there are few disadvantages to having a PPL license. But in spite of that, it is good that you are aware of the limitations of this license.

The first one is that you can’t get paid for flying, you will only fly for leisure and fun.

But it is also true that without the PPL you cannot train as a Commercial Pilot. So, if that is your ultimate goal, the gateway to fly commercial aircraft for different airlines is the Private Pilot course.

Now, the advantages of graduating with this course are:

You will be able to fly all over the world in Spanish-registered aircraft.
Piloting an airplane gives you prestige and recognition among friends and family.
You will enter directly into the world of General Aviation, where you can continue your training to become a Commercial Pilot in the future.
The feeling of freedom you will have is unmatched.

Additional PPL ratings

Thanks to your PPL license as a Private Pilot you will be able to climb in the aerial training and get the following flight ratings.

Each of these ratings or steps has a different technical purpose. 

What type of aircraft can I fly with the PPL?

The pilot who obtains the PPL license can fly an airplane, as long as it is for recreational purposes, i.e. not commercial.

But there is something to keep in mind: The type of aircraft you can fly depends on the ratings you have completed on your license. With Ready4Landing you will get the SEPL (Single Engine Piston Land) rating, which allows you to fly single-engine and piston aircraft.

Which is the best aviation school in Spain to take the PPL course?

Ready4Landing is the aviation school that offers you the opportunity to obtain your PPL license to fly single-engine airplanes individually, without the need of an instructor on board.

We have a high-performance program. In addition, we give you the alternative to take the modular course at your own pace and in the location of your choice.

And if you decide to continue with your training, the PPL course is fully valid for the ATPL licenses as Commercial Pilot.