Flight School in Madrid

Thinking about the future can sometimes be frustrating and even more so when you think that what you want is not within your reach. We know that you have known for a long time that flying is your thing, yes flying; that’s why we are here to let you know that your dream of flying is possible with us.

We are a pilot school in Madrid that offers everything you need to carry out your desires to take to the skies, we have several programs focused on making you become the best pilot in Europe and enjoy the best views of the world.

Why invest in our pilot courses?

We know how important it is to build your future, we specialize in transforming lives, making dreams come true, and turning our students into the best human beings and the best professionals in the world. You can trust us because we know what we do and we do it with love.

Our experience accredits us as one of the best options for your aviation school to be more than a place of learning, a home where you build step by step each of the steps that will support a successful future full of joy.

Choosing a flight school in Madrid is an important task and even more when you know that you are forging your future, if what you have been looking for and hoping to find is an aviation school in Madrid, you have come to the right place, just stay a little and find out what we have for you.

Since our appearance in the world of aviation and learning we have been dedicated to improving each of our processes and that progress of so many years we offer to each of our students, when you choose us, you choose the experience and the accumulation of knowledge of several generations.

What will you find in our Aviation School?

In our aviation school, you will find not only the best equipment, but you will also find the best professionals in the teaching of this subject, comprehensive instructors trained to provide an education with the highest quality standards to become a pilot at the best price and in the shortest time.

Here you will learn to be a holistic being, you will not only know how to fly the skies, but your knowledge will plan on the different knowledge, values, techniques, and tools you need to be the pilot that the present and the future needs.

We offer training focused on new technologies, we have the most modern simulation equipment and the latest devices that are essential for the acquisition of the knowledge necessary for you to be the best aviator.

Our facilities and learning environments have all the biosecurity elements required by the authorities and we have the latest health safety techniques so that you can feel at ease knowing that we are taking care of you at all times.

Flight School in Madrid

We present you our “Full Pilot Programme” course, the jewel in the crown.

This is the best option if you want to become a commercial pilot. Its main virtue is that you will finish the course with 1500 flight hours, 1200 of which will be as a flight instructor, charging each hour at $25, so you will recover MORE THAN 30% OF YOUR INVESTMENT.

The course also includes a university degree provided by a prestigious university.

In addition to that, you will have an intensive English course in which besides learning to communicate perfectly, you will study all the technical language that every aeronaut must know completely.

If you want to obtain a commercial pilot license, this is undoubtedly the best course you can do. In our pilot school, you will receive the best training at the best prices in the market.

We have both modular and integrated courses to get your rating. Check out our Commercial Pilot Course to learn more.

How do we base our training?

Our training is multi-pilot so that from the moment you embark on this adventure you feel like a professional and you can have a movie-like experience and become familiar with each of the requirements of the different airlines.

We have a training fleet like few others in the world and we are based in Madrid, the United States, and India. Our learning processes guarantee the actuality of the processes and the constant updating so that at the moment of going to the market our pilots are the best.

We can assure you that with us you will not only find a place to learn, but we offer you security, experience, and everything you dreamed of for your future. Each of our future pilots will be equipped with the necessary tools for constant renewal.

We are a service company for aviation students with very good references in the area and your best option in all Madrid, do not think about looking for another aviation school in the area, because we have everything you are looking for and we assure you much more than that.

No matter what you want to fly in, whether it is a plane, helicopter, or other. We have the endorsement to offer all types of courses related to aviation with high standards of effectiveness and with the greatest horizons to ensure your future job opportunity.

Benefits of our pilot school

We have different agreements to make your future more tangible, so different aviation and professional education institutions support us and endorse each of our processes, so your investment is one hundred percent effective and ensures great fruits for posterity.

Transportation has gone through many stages throughout history and just as some means of transportation have come to be ephemeral, others have revolutionized the industry and have captured the greatest possibilities for the human being, one of them is air transportation.

When we speak of air transportation we speak of innovation, of new possibilities, but above all, of something that does not go out of fashion but is becoming more and more necessary so that the horizons of the new world demands can be satisfied.

Transportation is communication, it is shortening distances, breaking down time barriers, and making everything produced by human beings available all over the world, and why not, it also makes it possible for people to get to the place they want on time.

Taking to the skies is an activity that will open the world to you and you will get to know new cultures, new languages, new ways of seeing the world and thus you can have a more globalized concept of what the world is and know places that others will only see on postcards or electronic media.

There are multiple possibilities that you have with the training we offer, whether you know what you want for your future in this field or you are still not clear about what you want to use the skills you will acquire with us, this is the perfect place for you.

You can, after passing through our facilities, be employed in commercial, military, rescue and health, private or other activities. The important thing is that you put north and are willing to assimilate what we offer, the rest is more than assured.

You can have the latest advances in aviation at your fingertips, each of the updates in the field is included in our services, each of these advances is waiting for you, you can be the pilot of the future from now on, you are what the world needs.

What do we offer?

We are looking for people of different ages, no matter the gender, no matter the religion, it only matters that you have the security that you can fly and that you bring each of those dreams, and here we will help you to make them come true and even the results will be better than what you dreamed.

If you are a young man who has long dreamed of being the best pilot in Madrid and around the world, this is your school, come, tell us what you want, watch our programs and stay with us to make tangible your desires to fly around the world.

If you are an adult who has long wanted to fly and you have not been encouraged, come, meet us and you will not regret taking that small step to reach the great future that awaits you, do not think twice, it’s time to achieve each of your goals and your dreams.

In our learning environments, we expect to find people with great projects, people who take the risk to take the world in their hands, people who dare to dream and move forward even when the horizon seems dark because behind it there will always be the sun.

You will never regret choosing us, let us be the accomplices, the partners, the witnesses, and the best aviation pilot school in Madrid, all Europe, the whole planet … do not delay any longer to meet us and take off on this adventure.

We have a very promising future ahead of us because aviation is advancing in its demand and the demands of the world ask for people trained to carry out safely such a praiseworthy task, it is essential that you do not delay any longer to contact us.

If you live in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, make the necessary arrangements for you to come, meet us, fall in love with our programs and stay with us. It doesn’t matter where you come from, nor the luggage you bring, only you and your desire to fly matters.

We are waiting for you, to give you the possibility to start a new life, to face new challenges, to launch yourself into the void of the future with the security that you have a safe parachute that will help you reach your destination in the best way, our training provides you with that possibility, so do not stop the future and contact us now.

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