FI Flight Instructor Course

For more than a century now, flying has become an important part of humanity. Some people just enjoy being a passenger, but for some people the dream of a lifetime is to fly an aircraft.

Being a pilot is great! But helping others to become pilots is great too.

Once you understand that, one of the easiest ways for you to become an aviator and get paid for it is with the FI Flight Instructor course.

If you want to know the simplest way to take to the skies and get paid for it, Ready4Landing is here to help.

What is the FI Flight Instructor Course about?

Being an aviation instructor means that you have fulfilled the requirements to have the license that accredits you as a teaching pilot specialist in aircraft driving.

The training plan that our aviation school in Madrid offers is aimed at perfecting and enhancing the techniques that are applied in the cockpits.

Our objective is to train you in the necessary aviation maneuvers so that you will be able to give this training to other interested people later on.

This course gives you the alternative to grow on a personal and professional level. You will see first hand the evolution of the participants and you will be able to climb within the world of aviation.

Experience makes the difference! Therefore, working as a flight instructor will give you the necessary training tools to become an excellent aviator in the near future.

Steps to become a flight instructor

To become an FI flight instructor, you must first take the training course; either for FI(H) helicopters or FI(A) airplanes. It all depends on your particular requirements and tastes.

But the first thing you will get is the FI(R) or Restricted Flight Instructor license.

This license indicates that you will be supervised by an unrestricted instructor to guide you through the process.

By completing this step, you will be able to accompany your students in a basic single-engine airplane flight.

The next step is to complete the required training hours to remove the restriction. These are divided into:

  • 100 hours of instruction.
  • 25 hours of supervision of students flying solo.


As this is a progressive course, you must complete 500 hours of flying and 200 hours of instructional flights.

Once you have completed these steps, you obtain the license that accredits you as a FI flight instructor in Spain.

In addition, the best thing is that you can continue training in our school to specialize as an IR (Instrument Rating) or ME (Multi-Engine Rating).

Also, as a requirement to start the course you must be over 18 years old and have a valid type 1 medical certificate.

What is the flight instructor rating?

As soon as you comply with the practical and theoretical methodology, according to the EASA standard, you are considered to be qualified as a FI flight instructor.

Likewise, to achieve this qualification we will give you the academic training on:

  • Cockpit maneuvering in school aircraft.
  • Human factors in aviation.
  • Classroom simulation with students.
  • Assertive communication.
  • Evaluation processes.

Skills to be developed as a Flight Instructor Fi

In the plan, you will develop different technical and pedagogical skills such as:

  • Handle different communicative strategies with your students.
  • Apply learning methods according to each student.
  • Recognize the abilities of each student.
  • Learn to control and follow up on the student’s progress.
  • Teach different flight practices.
  • Adapt teaching to individual needs.
  • Manage the aircraft control panels.
  • Plan lessons.
  • Constantly update you on the latest innovations in flight plans and techniques.

How long does the flight instructor course last?

Generally, the duration of the course varies from student to student, depending on their willingness and time. But on average it lasts between 2 to 3 months approximately.

The important thing is that in this pilot school you will feel at home and accompanied throughout the development of the program by the tutors so that you can clarify any doubts and get the highest quality training.

Benefits of becoming an FI flight instructor

Having the experience of a flight instructor in Madrid will give you the opportunity to prepare you to face a great professional future in aviation.

With him, you can acquire technical skills. Also, you get the expertise to execute maneuvers in risky situations. In such a way that you will be able to handle more fluently the resolution of conflicts in the cockpit.

For this reason, having this license makes you a skilled pilot so that you can later be highly sought after in an airline position.

But in addition to these benefits, you get advantages such as:

  • Improve as a pilot
  • Continuous interaction with innovations in the world of aviation.
  • Contact specialist personnel to update your skills.
  • Piloting modern aircraft.
  • The opportunity to train in the best professions in the world.
  • You will get the tools to grow your resume.
  • You gain prestige and accumulate experience inside and outside the academy.
  • You will get paid to fly and enjoy.

Where can you become a Flight Instructor?

Our school offers you the alternative of working in a renowned institution in Spain and the United States.

We are characterized because we have a group of expert trainers in aviation that year after year prepare excellent professional pilots.

All this following the current regulations in the shortest time and at a lower cost than the competition.

Our goal is that your preparation is comprehensive and holistic so that you can perform as an aviation instructor with a view to becoming a pilot if you wish.

Flight Instructor Course Price

In Ready4Landing we have different pricing options so you can enroll with us and start the FI flight instructor course with the best offers in the market.

We can provide you with plans according to your pocket so that you can train in one of the most striking careers and with greater future projection.

Taking to the skies will take you to new cultures and frontiers, and above all, it guarantees you a future as one of the pilots that the world needs.